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in Žebírkov



At Zebirkov, we specialize on american cuisine – mainly ribs, burgers, steaks and wings. We place great emphasis on high quality meat and use BIO, local and organic ingredients from Czech farmers.
When preparing meals, we rely on our original recipes. Eventhough our menu is modified twice a year, our traditional dishes are there all the time.

Enjoy the food at our pleasant restaurant or order it home on-line or on the phone 735 935 616.
We will also be happy to host your Birthday parties or other events. Moreover, we provide catering.


O nas dalsi



with passion

The delicious taste of our meals is based on the recipes of our chef Pavel Šupitar, who invented and constantly improves them. Pavel is a key player in Žebírkov, who adds original charm to both the food and the restaurant. He creatively combines modern and traditional techniques and always enjoys a good mood. 

Before Žebírkov, Pavel served as an Executive Chef at La Speranza restaurant. He also worked at renowned restaurants like St. Wenceslas, Marina Brewery and he gathered experience alongside one of the best czech restaurateur and chef Jan Punčochář at the Grand Cru restaurant. 

About us – Adam

It all started

with Adam

The Bible story of how God created Eve from Adam’s ribs is known to everyone. Ribs have always been of great importance not only in Christian terms, but also in the field of gastronomy. The ribs as a dish have their origin in the Caribbean, from where they spread along with the Spanish conquerors to North America.

Despite their popularity later spread to Europe and the rest of the world, their tradition has remained most rooted in American culture. We in Žebírkov move this traditional American delicacy further and also carry on with the story of Adam’s rib.